BIM & CAD Drawings

BIM models and CAD drawings for Duradek PVC waterproof membranes are available to assist you in designing and specifying Duradek for your deck, balcony, and flat roof deck projects.

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Note: As a supplier of finished product only, Central Ontario Duradek does not assume responsibility for errors in design, engineering, or dimensions. The architect, engineer, specifier, contractor or owners’ representative must verify all dimensions, sizes, and suitability of details, and are in accordance with governing building codes.

CAD Drawings:

Collection of all 46 Duradek Detail Drawings

Duradek Detail Drawings: Outside Perimeters

Duradek Detail Drawings – Inside Perimeters

Duradek Detail Drawings – Over Non-Habitable Living Space (Not Governed by Building Codes)

Duradek Detail Drawings – Drains

It’s all in the Details…

When it comes to successful deck or roof deck waterproofing, it’s all about the details. For an overview of some of the waterproofing details our installers are trained for, view or print this convenient graphic summary.