Substrate & Edge Trims

Substrate and Edge Trim Considerations for Vinyl Decking

Central Ontario Duradek provides a complete, installed waterproofing system. Our Trained and Authorized Installers are well versed in general waterproofing principles and can recommend the Good, Better and Best detail options for your decking project.
The recommendations from your Central Ontario Duradek Installer would be determined by the specific project parameters such as new construction versus renovation work, details unique to the project, budget considerations, or by a preference of the look or function of the deck.

Please see the three substrate recommendations and four edge trim options available for a Duradek vinyl membrane installation below. Then, reach out to your Central Ontario Duradek Installer to discuss which option is best for your project and your budget.

Vinyl Decking Substrate Requirements

The first step towards a completely waterproofed vinyl deck is a properly prepared substrate. Duradek must be installed on a flat, smooth surface; including untreated plywood, concrete, and sealed or coated surfaces.

Resources for Details on Substrate Preparation:

Edge Trims and Waterproofing Details for Vinyl Decking

Your Duradek installer will recommend the best edge trim and other waterproofing details for your project. Recommendations are based on best water routing management and for the finished look you desire. Duradek provides 4 options of edge trims and a selection of water routing accessories.

PVC Coated Metal Edge Trim

PVC Coated Metal Edge Trim and Water Routing Accessories

“L” Trim Edge Trim and Sequencing


Edge Trim and Installation Sequencing Details:

Fascia Fully Wrapped and L-Trim Option

Fascia Fully Wrapped and L-Trim Option Details:

PVC Clip Edge Trim with Additional Details

PVC Clip Edge Trim with Corner, Door & Drain Detail: