Porches & Patios

Porches and Patios for Exterior Home Design

A front porch or a back patio can create warmness to your home’s exterior like no other feature.

Your front porch represents your home to the neighbourhood around you. It is the first thing people experience when entering a home and is a great expression of the family it serves. A porch can act as a sitting room, a mud room, a potting room, an outdoor kitchen or a dining room…or whatever other function suits your lifestyle. While the traditional swinging bench on a porch is still a great feature, today’s porches have opened up a whole new world of options, bridging a home’s interior and exterior spaces.

Porches and patios are often designed with roof coverings, screens or other enclosures. These leisure spaces have become full extensions of the home, truly extending residential living space from the indoors to outdoors. These spaces often serve more multi-functional purposes for more family members than any other room of a home. Many porches and patios function as fully furnished rooms and are designed to be enjoyed for year-round use.

Great outdoor rooms like porches and patios deserve great outdoor flooring.

Outdoor Flooring for Porches and Patios

Duradek vinyl is the ideal flooring solution for porches and patios. Our designer finishes are easy to wipe clean, much like indoor vinyl flooring – but designed for the exterior of the home. With an excellent selection of colours and patterns, Duradek brings notable design advantages to its practical application.

Central Ontario Duradek’s vinyl is a waterproof membrane system that will easily accommodate expansion and contraction due to temperature fluctuations. It reliably creates a water-tight seal around your patio surface. Outdoor rooms do not typically have the same heating or water-tightness as the interior of the home. Any moisture from the exterior will not penetrate your vinyl walking surface, keeping the foundation safe and secure. Duradek is integrated right into the building envelope with professional waterproofing details so no unexpected water infiltration issues can arise.
With other outdoor flooring options, the focus is often on the surface with little thought of what might be going on underneath. Duradek vinyl is the best way to ensure there is no moisture below. That hidden moisture quietly and relentlessly creates wood rot situations. This realistic potential of moisture finding its way through outdoor living spaces to a building’s structure can be hidden from view but can grow into huge repair costs if left undiscovered.
With Duradek vinyl for your porches and patios, you have peace-of-mind waterproof protection and easy-to-clean outdoor flooring that can last for decades. When you are designing a porch or patio, be sure to specify Duradek for your outdoor flooring needs.