Keep your cool on hot, sunny days

The Duradek™ Cool-Dek Line

A Duradek exclusive

Kick your shoes off, kick back and relax this summer with Duradek’s proprietary Cool-Dek line. This unique vinyl surface has been specially designed with the colours that stay coolest throughout those hot, summer days.

Cool to the core

Don’t get misled by fancy terminology or superficial jargon when shopping for a cool deck surface. The cool touch comes from the way the surface reflects and emits heat, not from catchy marketing. No special technology needed!

Five of the coolest shades on the market

Image showing Duradek product colour variant Arctic Quartz

Arctic Quartz – NEW

Colours displayed on monitor or print may not be an exact representation. To see true colours, please see actual material samples under proper lighting conditions.

The Cool-Dek line includes our top-five coolest colours — up to 16% cooler than our warmest colour, Legacy Barnwood, and 18% cooler than concrete. Arctic Quartz, true to its name, is our #1 coolest colour.

Remember, you don’t need any special, patented thermal technology to have a walkable surface – even on those hot summer days. The Duradek colours classified as Cool-Dek provide a cooler option for bare feet, pet paws, and even the living or storage space under your deck. Our claims are substantiated by a combination of our internal heat testing and Atlas Material SRI Testing.
Image showing Duradek products and decking on a rooftop patio

If a deck surface that is cooler under-foot is an important feature for you, choose one of the 5 attractive options in Duradek’s Cool-Dek line.
Download this information on the Duradek Cool-Dek Line here, or contact a Dealer for a sample.

For those that want to know: What Is SRI?

A composite index called the Solar Reflectance Index (SRI) is used by the U.S. Green Building Council and others to estimate how hot a surface will get when exposed to full sun. The temperature of a surface depends on the surface’s reflectance and emittance, as well as solar radiation.